AV1 1979 45 Arpeggio Verdelak Presents The Concrete Cowboys

Arpeggio Verdelak presents The Concrete Cowboys performing This Side Country Song by Kevin McCarthy and That Side How Can I Help But Love You? by Alexander Uskuraitis.


AV2 1984 45 The Sky Brady Band

The Sky Brady Band performs Kensington Girls (A.I. Uskuraitis) and Morning (In The School Yard) (A.I. Uskuraitis)


AV3 1986 45 AV3 Octavia / Hot Juice

Octavia - Hot Juice, Hot Juice(Slide Ride)


AV4 1986 45 The Poor Boys / Don't You Care?

The Poor Boys - Don't You Care?, Gone, Gone, Gone


AV5 1986 45 The Rob Andrews Project

The Rob Andrews Project - Misguided, Draw The Line


AV6 1987 45 The Sneaks

The Sneaks - Over And Over, Upside Down


AV7 1987 45 The Hight and Heistand Band

The Hight and Heistand Band - Just Good Friends, Yet So Free


AV8 45 The Flipsides

The Flipsides - New York In The Dark, Soon(I'll Be Home Again)


AV9 1988 45 Bell-X

Bell-X - 241, Stuck On You


AV10 1988 45 Makeshift

Makeshift - When You Walk In The Room, All Fall Down


AV11 45



AV12 1988 45 The Cartunes

The Cartunes - The Answer, So Strong





AVCD1017 CD George Spicer / Set Me Free

Louder Than Hell, Hold a Little Tighter, Wicked Bitch of the West, Once, Lucifer's Web, When the Light's Go Out, Runaway Angel, In One Breath, Late Night Movies, This Baby Bites, Romantic Gestures

AVCD 1017

AVCD1026 1999 CD J.D. Peterson Rhythm of the Dream

New Beginnings, Come To Me, Feel The Thunder, He Brings Me Roses, In My Garden, Angel Wings, Rhythm Of The Dream, A Million Years, Journey Into Healing, It Makes A Difference, Tapestry Of Time


AVCD1026b 2005 CD J.D. Peterson Rhythm of the Dream

New Beginnings, Come To Me, My Heart Flys, Lovers Lullaby, He Brings Me Roses, Angel Wings, Rhythm Of The Dream, A Million Years, Feel The Thunder, Journey Into Healing, It Makes A Difference, Tapestry Of Time


AVCD1027 1999 CD Street Corner Five / People Are Talking

Lily Maebelle, Close Your Eyes, Pretty Little Girl, People Are Talking, Nobody Loves Me Like You, No More, I Know I Know, A Little Bit Of Soap, Never, Deserie, Don't Ask Me To Be Lonely, Come Back My Love, To Make A Long Story Short, There Goes My Love, Please Don't Tease, Have I Told You Lately That I Love You, No One, Strange Love, Try Me

AVCD 1027

AVCD1029 1999 CD Sleepless Knights: A Random Collection Stuff

Limpin', Third Rate Romance, When You Walk in the Room, Tupelo Honey, My Baby Thinks She's a Train, All Fall Down, I'm An Old Cowhand, I'll Be Gone, No Matter What, Ghost Riders in the Sky, Color of Blue, Youo Cheated


AVCD1030 1999 CD The Dovells / Then & Now

Bristol Stomp, (Do The New) Continental, The Jitterbug, Hully Gully Baby, Stompin' Everywhere, In The Still of The Night, Sway, The Actor, Dream On Cowboy, Sometimes, Skydiver, You Can't Sit Down, What In The World's Come Over You, Stay Awhile, Bristol Twistin' Annie, Till * (* with the Angels), Bristol Stomp, You Can't Sit Down

AVCD 1030

AVCD1039 2002 CD The Aligator Zydeco Band / White Hot B.Y.U.Z. Music

B.Y.U.Z Music, Fraught With Anticipation, Playin' Like I'm Tryin' to Forget, Watch That Dog, Going Up The Country, Steppin' Out, Valse de Suzanne, Old Tyme Zydecco, Back Bone Zydecco, All The Pretty Girls, Baltimore, Why You Wanna Make Me Cry, 'tit Fille

AVCD 1039

AVCD0912 2009 CD Lights Out / Live at the Broadway Theater

Intro, One Fine Day, Oh What a Nignt (December 1963), Sixty Minute Man, Stand By Me, My Girl, Good Old Acappella, Yakety Yak, Looking for an Echo, Zombie Jamboree, Groovy Kind of Love, Ritchie Valens Medley: a. Donna, b. Come OnLet's Go, c. La Bamba


AVCD0952 2011 CD Sky Brady Band

Kensington Girls 2011, Last Day of Summer, Kensington Girls, Morning Light (In The Old Schoolyard), Philly Girls, My Son, Muchachas de Philly, Phillie Phans, Phillie Phans Instrumental


AVCD0972 2013 CD Sara Spicer / Gotta Believe

Baby, Im Gone, In One Breath, Give Me a Sign, Angel in Your Eyes, Gotta Believe, Hope Faith Love and Dreams, Take Less Than You Give, The Devil Went Down to Georgia, First of May, Since You've Given Up, Heaven's Gate


AVCD0982 2013 CD Deborah Smoot / Where Have I Been All My Life

Where Have I Been All My Life, You Need to Be Loved Again, Please Stay Don't Go, Im On Fire For You, Cold & Cruel, Easy to Love Hard to Hold. Be Good or Be Gone, You Should See the Way He Loves Me, Unchain My Heart


AVCD0993 2018 CD Lights Out - Tribute to Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons and more...

New Beginnings, Come To Me, Feel The Thunder, He Brings Me Roses, In My Garden, Angel Wings, Rhythm Of The Dream, A Million Years, Journey Into Healing, It Makes A Difference, Tapestry Of Time


AVCD0812 2006 CD Lilian Waite / O, Sacred Host

O, Sacred Host; O, Sacred Host (O, Sagrada Hostia), Just Couldn't Be Away, Hail Mary, Somewhere Over the Rainbow, Dios Te Salve Maria, Soul of Christ, Divine Mercy Prayer, Jesus, I Trust in You, Hail Mary* (Spanish), Moon River, La Magnifica (Magnificat), O, Sacred Host (Instrumental)


AVLP9001 Sampler Volume 1

Sampler Volume 1


AVLP9002 Sampler Volume 2

Sampler Volume 2


AVLP9003 Sampler Volume 3

Sampler Volume 3


AVLP9004 Sampler Volume 4

Sampler Volume 4


AVLP9005 Sampler Volume 5

Sampler Volume 5


AVLP9006 Sampler Volume 6

Sampler Volume 6


AVLP9007 Sampler Volume 7

Sampler Volume 7


AVLP9008 Sampler Volume 8

Sampler Volume 8


AVLP9009 Sampler Volume 9

Sampler Volume 9


AVLP9010 Sampler Volume 10

Sampler Volume 10


AVLP9011 Sampler Volume 11

Sampler Volume 11


AVLP9012 Sampler Volume 12

Sampler Volume 12/p>


Sampler Volume 13

Time A'go Lament, Natural Advantage, Fat Tuesday, MI?RU?, He's A Parrot, Joshua Tree Motel, 36 Peach Roses, They Are So Happy, If I EEE, In The Tall Grass, Big Doors, In A Land, Elimira Lee

Sampler Vol. 13

DBAUvol1 Decibal Gold

Decibal Gold -


DBAU 2005 Decibel Gold Frankencense & Myrr-irth

Frosty The Snowman, Feliz Nvidad, Christmas Sadness, Frosty The Snpowman (Take 2), Santa Claus Is Coming To Town, Jingle Bells


PRCD604 1998 CD J.D. Peterson / Feel The Thunder

Vision Woman, Feel the Thunder, Vision Woman (radio edit)